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Discover the benefits of the Trevi Privilege Card

Sell your Property

TREVI Privilege offers the following benefits:

  • Presence on 35 real estate websites
  • Your property featured each week in the press
  • Display during 1 extra month as Bien Plus or Premium Immoweb -
  • Bi-monthly activity report
  • Collect information about trustee management
  • Electrical conformity test
  • Energy certificate*
* After we signed the sales agreement, the inspection of the electrical installation by an approved company amounting to €135 VAT included, as well as the costs of the energy certificate amounting to €248 VAT included for an apartment, and €302 VAT included for a house.

Value your Property

TREVI Privilege offers the following benefits:

  • 10%* discount on fees of any nature on tenancy inspection of the premises, basic act, measure test report, etc.
  • A free valuation of your property
*on fees of minimum €1,500 VAT excluded

Rent your Property

TREVI Privilege Rental offers the following benefits:

  • Presence on 35 real estate websites
  • Display within 3 working days
  • Mailing sent to national and international institutions
  • Discount price for the fire insurance
  • Calculation of the indexation of your lease
  • 10% discount Trevi Expertise – Owner’s pre-tenancy inspection
  • Bi-monthly activity report

Entrust the Management of your Tenants

TREVI Privilege Rental Management offers the following benefits*:

  • Guarantee of unpaid rent during the first 6 months
  • The PEB certificate (a compulsory energy certificate) by an approved expert and for all units
  • A technical audit conducted every 3 years.
*For all contracts of minimum 3 years.

Benefit of the Label Trevi Privilege Trustee

TREVI Privilege Trustee offers the following benefits to each co-owner:

  • A website dedicated to co-ownership
  • Distribution of costs between owners and tenants
  • Analysis and optimization of the insurance portfolio
  • Indexation letter sent to each tenant
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Manage, Sell or Rent your Offices, Stores or Warehouses

Trevi & Loyd Corporate Privilege offers the following benefits:

  • 10% discount on the fees for any transaction carried out in a building managed by Trevi & Loyd Corporate.
  • 10% discount on management fees during the first 12 months for a contract of minimum 3 years.
  • 10% discount on owner’s pre-tenancy inspection
  • Calculation of the annual rent indexation
  • A technical audit every 5 years
  • Audit of your insurance portfolio
  • Reimbursement of inspection costs of the electrical installation
  • Cost reimbursement of the energy certificate (PEB)
  • Presence on 35 real estate websites
  • 1 month as Bien Plus or Premium Immoweb -
*For the buildings managed by Trevi & Loyd Corporate for a minimum period of 3 years.

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